For the last 8 years, EnterBridge went to market under the brand name Advanous for pricing and margin analytics for wholesale distributors. EnterBridge engineers and analysts continue to serve the distribution market today with major implementations across the globe. In order to do this, we encapsulated predictive and prescriptive analytics into an amazing product for pricing and margin support called Point2Profit. You can find out more about that product offering through Pricing Analytics. In short, our team delivered a robust Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology. 

EnterBridge engineers are the heart and soul of Advanous' Point2Profit product offering. In fact, as you will discover on our Pricing Analytics page we are the team behind Advanous' services today targeting businesses in the supply chain industry including wholesale distributors with margin management and price guidance solutions! For Point2Profit, our team delivered a robust software as a service solution so clients could easily aggregate historical sales information from multiple silos, evaluate and act on pricing, contract and margin decisions in the field. This product demonstrates the "build for the modern enterprise" grit that powers every EnterBridge solution. In this case, delivering a solution that allows businesses to deliver the right price at the right time to maximize value for their customers, vendors and partners!



The Point2Profit price management solution allows central decision makers and front-line sales representatives to collaborate on effective pricing policies and actions. From setting the correct price, providing high/low pricing guard-rails to embedding pricing decision tools like quoting in the hands of the representatives, Point2Profit enables and enforces key pricing decisions when they need to be made. Point2Profit also assists the seller by providing the pricing context needed to support the company pricing policies. 

Point2Profit provides companies with the ability to manage routine pricing events like supplier price changes through a consistent interface. Routine pricing events include Vendor Cost Change Management (VCM), Rebate/Deviated Cost Contract Management, and Price Quotes. Pricing recommendations are shown and rules enforced so that all pricing actions comply with company policies.

Point2Profit provides a straightforward approval process for pricing requests that violate a company's pricing policies allowing managers to respond quickly via email, web or mobile interface.