Canvas Solutions ( provides easy to build and deploy mobile applications for all types of business needs. Canvas serves these solutions from the cloud providing exceptional applications at breakthrough prices. For many Canvas customers, the data collected by these mobile applications is critical to running everyday business. Traditionally, Canvas provides access to the data through its own customer web portal and by application programming interface (API). The team at Canvas noticed that providing access to the data it captures and stores is critical to it's customers! Canvas customers increasingly wanted seamless access to data and processes from within Excel or delivered as custom web service integrations to a variety of different internal systems and packages.

Enter the team from EnterBridge!

EnterBridge has partnered with Canvas for almost 2 years to provide custom integration services for Canvas clients through web service integration. Automating the publication of data to and the retrieval of data from the powerful Canvas cloud. In many cases, creating no-touch end-to-end fully integrated mobile application experiences.

Using this knowledge, Canvas partnered with the EnterBridge team to create the Canvas Connector for Excel. This exciting new product put the power of Canvas applications and data right into the heart of Excel. Many Canvas clients use Excel every day to power business and review data-driven decisions. EnterBridge's integration experience enabled the creation of a product to enhance the customer experience with Canvas and power a new level of data integration, reporting and visibility within Excel!

This is the power and range of data integration and analytic solutions delivered by EnterBridge's partnership with Canvas. From custom integration to full integration products we stand ready to handle the toughest data challenges across any organization.