Forbes: To Get Big Data Insights You Need To Start Small

As 2016 ended, Matt Asay of Adobe cited evidence of what we know to be true about big data: For all its promise and potential, few enterprises have reaped the benefits of mining mass stores of information. The reasons for this are not necessarily technical, but organizational, cultural and attitudinal.



The New B2B Customer Experience: Using Data and Analytics to Drive Digital Transformation

B2B companies continue to move online as business buyers demand more consumer-like experiences, with greater price transparency, easy product comparison, readily accessible support and rapid fulfillment.For B2B firms, these trends point towards a future where greater price transparency is the norm, and service expectations continue to rise.


Data Sheet

EnterBridge Company Overview

EnterBridge uses data and analytics to create a better customer experience for B2B organizations looking to grow through innovation.  Since its founding in 2002, EnterBridge’s mission has always been to help enterprise companies use data to drive business success and new opportunity.  


Gartner Conference Recap: Using Data to Map Your Customer Journey
March 21, 2017

At the recent Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, AI and machine learning got a lot of attention. While these topics are important for mapping your digital transformation long term, customer analytics are still the most relevant for today. 


The New B2B Customer Experience: Table Stakes for the Enterprise
April 5, 2017

Buried in your mountain of customer transaction data, may lie the key to delivering a vastly better customer experience.  In our latest eBook -- The New Customer Experience: Using Data and Analytics to Drive Digital Transformation -- we talk about how B2B firms looking to stay competitive, need to make the transition from a “transaction-based” mindset to one based on deeper customer knowledge driven by data. 


What’s Holding Back Your Digital Transformation
April 13, 2017

Everyone seems to be on the digital transformation bandwagon.  Recent research by Mulesoft shows that 88% of IT decision makers either have an initiative underway or will within three years.  So, what do they hope to accomplish with these transformative efforts?  Over 60% said that they want to “create great customer experiences,” with 77% looking to improve existing business processes.