Erik Bleyl

Erik Bleyl is the President and CEO of EnterBridge Technologies, Inc. and was responsible for acquiring Advanous in 2003. As CEO of Advanous, Mr. Bleyl has led the expansion of Advanous' products and services to leading into the healthcare, electrical, food, industrial, paper, building products and office supply markets. He has over 23 years of experience delivering technology solutions and services to Fortune 1000 companies. Prior to founding EnterBridge in 2001, Mr. Bleyl was a Found and Chief Technology Officer for LocusOne Communications, a provider of wireless and mobile technology solutions, which was acquired by Aether Systems in February of 2000. He served as Aether's Vice President of the Logistics division and was responsible for managing the business unit and providing wireless product and services to the transportation, distribution, logistics and supply chain markets.


Todd Nuckols

Todd is co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of EnterBridge. He began his career in technology with Circuit City Stores and CarMax, transitioning to the startup world in 1998.  

Over the last twenty years, he has developed successful companies in mobile, analytic and business intelligence sectors. He was Vice President of Product Development for LocusOne Communications when the company sold for $40 million to Aether Systems in 1999. He went on co-found EnterBridge and its division, Advanous—a leader in SaaS pricing and margin management analytics—serving initially as Chief Technology Officer.

In 2006, he founded his own company, Zua Scene, a semantic web intelligence solution that led to a collaboration with Canvas Solutions (, where he serves on the Board of Advisors.  Todd has participated as a speaker regarding integrated web BI solutions, started Tableau discussion groups around embedded BU, developed one of the earliest implementations of embedded Cognos in the cloud and led research on adapting EnterBridge’s own pricing engine to modern big data frameworks.

Todd Nuckols resides in his hometown of Richmond, VA.  He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University.