The Challenge

Compressed National Gas (CNG) is a combustible fuel that can be used in the place of diesel, gasoline, and propane.  CNG is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless fuel that is utilized throughout the world.  Some of the benefits of utilizing CNG compared to other popular fuels include lower overall consumption costs and reduced combustion pollution.

EnterBridge worked with one of the worldwide leaders in providing fully integrated CNG solutions to commercial and industrial markets.  The primary responsibilities of the business included creating a "Virtual Natural Gas Pipeline" through the compression, transportation, and integration of CNG for energy, mining, forestry, and industrial industries. The company is responsible for keeping track the CNG and rental equipment utilized in remote locations.  Historically, deliveries and rental equipment, were organized and referenced through paper documents.  The collection, processing, and storage of these paper documents took days to weeks for the main office to receive, which delayed invoicing and payroll.

The Solution

EnterBridge teamed up with GoCanvas to provide a complete end-to-end solution that was able to coordinate and track the CNG and equipment throughout the delivery life cycle.  The EnterBridge team created a customized smartphone app that could be utilized by the field representatives and the home office.  The application allowed the elimination of paper documents and provided real time visibility in field operations.  The solution provided reporting and analytics that were utilized to improve accounting and distribution processes. 

The Results

The company was able to see two (2) immediate benefits after the solution was implemented. The first benefit included the reduction for manual order processing of paper documents.  The digitization of the paper documents allowed those employees, who manually keyed in invoices in the past, to be redeployed to more vital roles in the organization. The second benefit included an increase in the business's cash flow because billing was sent out immediately after deliveries were made instead of waiting for the paper copy to be received and manual processed before an invoice could be generated and sent out.  One of the largest time saving benefits the accounting team found was the elimination of "lost" documents that had to be manually researched and verified before they could be reissued.  The digital documents create a file of truth that eliminated "lost" documents and manual keying errors.