Document Parsing
Accessing Unstructured Information Through Document Parsing


The Automation of Data Entry

Today's businesses run on data, and being able to analyze, capture, and store data is vital. Our tools automate the processing of paper and PDF documents.  If your business relies on manual data entry processes and does not have an automated method to process paper and PDF documents, please give us a call so we can show you how EnterBridge can automate your business to reduce costs and increase sales. 


Paper & PDF Documents

Many industries and businesses are required to interact with paper and PDF documents. The interaction with these documents can be a major expense for businesses.  Our solutions provide an automated and cost effective process to tackle the analysis, capture, and storage of data from paper and PDF documents.  Digitizing paper and PDF documents is crucial in reducing business processing costs and to ensure a business is running at optimal efficiency.


Automation of Manual Processes From Start to Finish

EnterBridge utilizes our proprietary algorithms and the latest technology in machine learning to establish processes that automate manual processes from start to finish.  The first step in the document parsing process is to collect and digitize paper and PDF documents in a machine-readable format.  The second step is to take the machine readable format and complete analysis, processing, and storage of the information.  EnterBridge does not simply digitize your paper and PDF documents but establishes the processes to ensure your documents are transformed from documents that have to be processed manually to digitalized documents that are processed automatically.


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Document Parsing and Document Processing Made Simple

Allow EnterBridge to show you how easy it is to digitize your documents and have your data where you need it to do business.  Our system integrates with your existing CRM or ERP system so documents are able to be automatically integrated and process through your system.  Documents, once digitized, can also be converted into any digital format your business needs.