The Challenge

MOM Brands is the third largest manufacturer of cereals in the United States, and a subsidiary of Post Holdings, the largest consumer packaged food companies in the world.  For a company of this size, analyzing sales and performance metrics can be daunting. 

Part of the metrics they tracked included results from audits performed on 15,000 individual stores. They also looked at data by market and by store group.  Much of their data, however, was stored in various formats making consolidated reporting a challenge.  According to Ed Alencewicz, Director of Retail Experience, "We had all sorts of information, but it wasn't in a useful format for reporting.”  Also, the data gathering process in the field was time consuming and cumbersome, with reps using manual data entry and spreadsheets.   

The Solution

EnterBridge teamed up with GoCanvas to deliver a consolidated reporting process that translated different reports into a single “language” that allowed leadership and sales to analyze and evaluate results in a consistent way.  Additionally, the EnterBridge team used GoCanvas to create smartphone apps for use in the field. The applications facilitated store shelf verification of product and compliance to existing distribution contracts. For the first time, the company had insight into this level of compliance at the store level in near real time.  

The Results

By integrating the new reporting solution with MOM’s existing Excel-based reporting system, the client did not have to adopt a new system, but could use their existing tools.  With the new solution, they now had complete transparency between the data and reporting, resulting in better, more timely decisions. They could now make sure merchandisers were compliant, which helped to maximize shelf space and inventory stocking and to accelerate product movement. They also had a better understanding of how product was being purchased as well as when to stock and when to alter product mix and shelf space to maximize sales.

“EnterBridge understood that the technology is only one aspect of our partnership. They understood the needs of our business and were able to dive deep into the nuances of our reporting," said Alencewicz.