EnterBridge uses data and analytics to create a better customer experience for B2B organizations looking to grow through innovation. 

We uncover opportunities buried in your data to create better customer experiences, new services and additional revenue. Using proven analytic tools, and years of data analytics expertise we take the hassle out of data management and analytics, giving you the freedom to innovate and grow.  

Fueled by the latest big data tools and machine learning, EnterBridge helps B2B enterprises deliver amazing customer experiences by using smart analytics for real-time pricing, product selection and data- driven customer support. 

Data-Driven Customer Experience

Use your data to design better customer experiences by understanding buyer behavior related to pricing and product selection.

Analytics and Workflow

Deploy smart analytics to measure and monitor processes to predict support issues and take preemptive actions to avoid problems before they surface.

Data Aggregation + Accessibility

Bring together your data to provide a single source of “the truth” to ensure confidence in your analytics and analysis and enable smarter decisions.



Analyzing sales and performance metrics for such a large brand can be daunting. In 2014, MOM Brands performed over 15,000 individual store audits. They also looked at data by market and by store group. Making sense of this data falls to Ed Alencewicz, Director of Retail Experience [...]



The New B2B Customer Experience: Using Data and Analytics to Drive Digital Transformation

B2B companies continue to move online as business buyers demand more consumer-like experiences, with greater price transparency, easy product comparison, readily accessible support and rapid fulfillment. 

So, what does this mean for B2B companies today?  In five years?  B2B firms need to accelerate their digital transformation efforts, using data and analytics to create competitive advantage by vastly improving customer experiences. 

In this eBook, we discuss the key elements of the new B2B customer experience; the four common barriers to digital transformation; your essential analytics toolset; and how to get started down this path without taking on excessive cost and risk.  Read on!