Implementing Automation in Finance: An Interview with Sidney Madison Prescott

In an industry like finance, where data quality is crucial for maintaining reputational status, automation is quickly becoming an essential solution.  

We interviewed Sidney Madison Prescott, a digital transformation executive and automation expert - Ex-Spotify, Ex-ETrade, Ex-BNY Mellon. She is currently a senior automation delivery lead at FanDuel.

In our interview, Sidney discusses the benefits of implementing RPA in finance departments, barriers and objections to overcome, and how to go about getting started. She talks about automating accounting processes, ensuring airtight data quality checkpoints, and the need for a redefinition of what it means to be an employee in finance. 



Sidney is an author of "Robotic Process Automation Using UiPath Studio X: A Citizen Developer's Guide to Hyper Automation." She has also been recognized as a thought leader in tech as a recipient of many awards, including a "Top 50 Tech Visionary."

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