Top 7 Oil and Gas Software Solutions in 2024

In the oil and gas industry, there are many software applications to choose from. Having a detailed comparison of the best software solutions and their features can help you choose what works best for your company. While many oil and gas companies struggle with inefficient manual processes, data fragmentation across systems, and compliance challenges that lead to operational inefficiencies, software solutions can alleviate those struggles through their specific features.  

Our experience with oil and gas software development has shown us the number of pain points companies can be subject to. We have taken the time to review and compare the top 7 software solutions to evaluate how those solutions really solve industry challenges and how they might solve your biggest challenges.


Top 7 Oil and Gas Software


Why We Chose Them:
PetroFly offers an all-in-one platform for oil and gas companies, which is beneficial for those looking for streamlined processes from production tracking to supply chain management. Its comprehensive features are designed to streamline operations and track data, specifically for the accounting side of business. It is also rated high for its ease of use.

Key Features:

  • Production Tracking
  • Tracking and Traceability
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Forecasting
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Royalty management Automation
  • Integrated Accounting
  • Project management
  • JIB Management Workflow

PetroFly offers a free trial, but it doesn't have a free version. Contact PetroFly to obtain current pricing.

PetroFly is a good fit for companies looking for user-friendly software, especially in the accounting and financial department. It can automate the manual labor of sifting through data and building reports, which is highly useful for reducing time spent and potential errors. PetroFly does offer a free trial to begin with, and pricing for full access to their software can be found on their website. Reviewers report it as affordable for businesses with mid to small operations.




Why We Chose Them:
SafetyCulture provides software that is serviceable for a variety of industries, not just oil and gas, making its versatility desirable for businesses with many different needs and functions. This company focuses on having real time access to data and monitoring and making inspections easier to document and keep track of. As a mobile-first company, they also have designed their software to make the switch between devices uncomplicated, something that is especially useful out in the field. They also pride themselves in the reliability of their customer support, a point that many reviewers appreciate.

Key Features:

  • Process/Workflow Automation
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Incident Management
  • Inspection Management
  • Corrective / Preventive Actions
  • Safety Risk Assessment

Premium plan $24/month with free 30-day trial period.

For those looking to find a software company designed with the customer in mind, SafetyCulture has some of the highest ranking reviews. While many found the software straightforward to use, some wished there were more options for customization. Overall, many users found this software to fit their unique business needs for a fair price.



Why We Chose Them:
FieldCap is specifically designed to streamline operations and simplify the management of oilfield services in the oil and gas industry. This software solution is tailored to ticketing and building customizable reports for those in the field. They provide ticket configuration and tracking capabilities, as well as improving field data collection. 

Key Features:

  • Work Order Management
  • Real Time Monitoring
  •  Logistics Management
  • Field Ticketing
  • Data Import/Export
  • Reporting & Statistics

Available upon registration, free demo is also provided.

This software solution would be most useful for businesses dealing in oilfield services and looking to optimize time management while ticketing or doing field inspections. FieldCap offers a free demo, and most users found this software to be worth the money spent on a full subscription.



Why We Chose Them:
Enertia enables businesses to streamline and automate operations with financial reporting, auditing, budgeting, and field data capture. It is able to keep track of each user's movement and streamlines data collection and organization, which many users appreciated.

Key Features:

  • Accounting & Financials
  • Well Production & Operations
  • Workflow Automation
  • Report & Audit Tools
  • Field Data Capture
  • Esri ArcGIS Integration

Available upon request, free trial not available.

Users report the software is relatively straightforward and easy to use, but many say that it looks and feels outdated. As an older program, some companies may run into the problem of compatibility as technology advances. But overall, it can get the job done for companies with basic needs. Keep in mind, it does not offer a free trial of the program, so companies should make sure it suits their needs before committing.



Why We Chose Them:
myQuorum is a land management software solution designed for upstream and midstream companies in the oil and gas industry. It addresses critical needs such as streamlining measurement processes, managing account workflows, and enhancing operational efficiency. 

Key Features:

  • Production management
  • Planning Space Dataflow
  • Facility Scheduling
  • Risk Management
  • Gathering & Plant Accounting
  • Load Forecasting

Available upon request, free demo also provided.

While myQuorum boasts a simplified user interface, some users have experienced performance issues, particularly when utilizing multiple features at a time. However, its ratings are buffed by streamlining and automating oil and gas workflows. Overall, it seems to be useful for its purposes but not the most versatile software out there.



Why We Chose Them:
AVEVA is an industrial and engineering software company located in the UK that supports data asset management for oil and gas companies. Their focus is on centralizing information and improving operational efficiency. Some of their key features help with inventory management, scheduling, and work order management. 

Key Features:

  • Inventory Management
  • Scheduling
  • Data Import / Export
  • Easy Interface
  • Logistics Management
  • Work order management

Available upon request, free trial not available.

There are fewer reviews of this software solution, making it hard to rank how users enjoy it compared to the other softwares on this list. It also does not have a free option, which makes it less likely to appeal to those looking to test out the product. 


Petrel E&P

Why We Chose Them:
Petrel E&P is a cloud-based platform that focuses on automating workflow between exploration and production, allowing companies to make better informed decisions. Petrel E&P also offers advanced 2D and 3D visualization capabilities for geoscientific data, making their software solution highly beneficial for companies specializing in oilfield or well monitoring operations. 

Key Features:

  • Activity Tracking
  • Workflow Management
  • Resource Management

Available upon request, free trial not available.

While Petrel E&P impresses with high capabilities for geospatial visualization, a strong dissuasion from using this software is its limited compatibility with various technologies. It works mainly with Windows operating systems and doesn’t function as well across other systems like iOS and Linux.


What Are Key Features in Oil & Gas Software?

Key features in oil and gas software:

  • Process / Workflow Automation: When looking for key features in oil and gas software, automation is likely at the top of the list. Being able to automate workflows is essential in the oil and gas industry, due to the various repetitive tasks required to keep a business running. By reducing the time spent on these processes, automation prevents potential errors and overall saves your company money.
  • Real Time Monitoring: In an industry full of moving parts, having the ability to monitor equipment in real time can be a game changer. With minimal delay between data collection and analysis, you can be assured of receiving the most updated information for your company’s needs.  
  • Accounting and Financials: When it comes to paychecks and invoices, you don’t want to mess around with the level of accuracy your software can provide. Keep your numbers straight with specialized features for your accounting department.
  • Supply Chain Management: Having a hand in all the pies can get messy if you don’t have a supply chain management feature for your oil and gas software. Keep track of the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors with this valuable feature.
  • Data Import / Export: On the technological side of the oil and gas industry, having the ability to quickly import and export data is crucial. Many decisions hinge on timely data analysis, and your software solutions should reflect that ability.

Core Benefits of Using Oil & Gas Software

When the time comes to scale up your business, having an oil and gas software solution will provide an easy way to make sure your capabilities scale up with you. The overall goal is to have a software solution that can cater to your specific needs while maintaining functionality and ease of use. Once this is achieved, these software solutions will help attain improved operational efficiency, enhanced data visibility, increased profitability, and positioning your company for sustained growth and competitive advantage in the industry. 


Should You Build a Custom Oil & Gas Software

Every company has their own needs and desires when it comes to software solutions. Out-of-the-box software provides some benefits like a short implementation time. However, prepackaged software can only do so much to fill the variety of needs within an oil and gas company, and having any sort of limitations can setback success.

With custom-built oil and gas software, you can tailor it exactly your existing workflows. Having the fluidity to change your software when production increases or streamlining other operations puts you ahead of the competition. 



When determining what type of software solution to use, careful consideration of your company needs and potential development will lead you to find the solution best matched to your business. With many different options available, building a custom software solution can simplify your search and eliminate the need to compromise which components are available to you. EnterBridge offers a custom oil and gas software solution that can fill all your current and future needs. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation.


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