Revolutionize your revenue cycle with robotic process automation.

We develop custom-built automations to match the unique needs of your revenue cycle, so you can get more done with your existing team.

Robotic Process Automation for Revenue Cycle Management

RPA can be implemented with a variety of functions in Revenue Cycle Management. Below are six primary use cases we've implemented for clients:

Claims Processing Automation

RPA can automate the end-to-end claims processing workflow, including data entry, verification, and submission. Bots are able to extract information from claim forms, validate it against predefined rules, and submit claims electronically to payers. Ultimately, this accelerates the claims process, reduces errors, and improves reimbursement turnaround time.

Denial Management and Appeals

Streamline the management of claim denials and appeals with RPA. Programmed bots can analyze denial reasons, identify patterns, and generate appeal letters with the necessary supporting documentation. RPA can track the status of appeals, monitor timelines, and ensure timely follow-up for maximum revenue recovery.

Payment Posting and Reconciliation

Automate the posting and reconciliation of payments received from insurance companies and patients. With RPA you can extract payment details from remittance advice, match them with corresponding claims, and update the financial systems. This improves accuracy, reduces manual effort, and speeds up payment reconciliation.

Eligibility Verification and Prior Authorization

In implementing RPA you can automate the process of verifying patient eligibility and obtaining prior authorization for medical procedures. Bots can retrieve patient information, check insurance coverage, and initiate authorization requests. This ensures timely authorization, reduces claim rejections, and improves revenue cycle efficiency.

Patient Billing and Collections

Innovate your patient billing processes, including generating invoices, statements, and payment reminders with RPA. Bots can extract billing data from various systems, apply billing rules, and deliver bills electronically to patients. It can also be built to automate follow-up communications for overdue payments, improving collections and reducing outstanding balances.

Reporting and Analytics

RPA can assist in generating reports and analyzing revenue cycle data. Data can be extracted from disparate sources, consolidated, and then translated into reports on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as claims acceptance rates, denial trends, and revenue collections. This provides valuable insights for decision-making, identifies bottlenecks, and supports process improvements.

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